Chandler Lindsey jumped so high he almost hit his head on the rim

Photo: @overtime/Twitter screen shot
[jwplayer RP1cpWTH]

Yes, Zion Williamson is always the story for Spartanburg Day. That doesn’t mean he’s the only player capable of throwing down a SportsCenter caliber dunk.

That was certainly the case during the South Carolina Independent School Association Class 2A state championship. While Williamson earned the headlines with another bravura performance — 38 points and a handful of game-changing slams — fellow senior Chandler Lindsey somehow managed to match the best of Williamson’s high wire act.

During his final high school game, Lindsey and fellow senior guard Kyle Tracy escaped on a free fast break. Tracy led to the hoop, sending a perfect alley oop off the backboard right into the hands of Lindsey, who threw down a massive jam.

Yes, we’ve seen this before from Lindsey, though this was well worthy of the career highlight reel.

It’s not just that the dunk was so photogenic. It’s how high it was, as set up by the alley oop itself.

Seriously, look at the slam again. Lindsey’s head is level with the rim when the flushes his dunk through the rim.

It was a fitting finale for both Lindsey and Tracy, fellow seniors along with Williamson who captured three state titles in three years. While Williamson may have been the biggest part of that, but Lindsey and Tracy were significant contributors, too. They earned the accolades just as much as their teammate who is headed to Duke.

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