The Chris Steele Blog: Back-to-back MVP awards at elite camps, recruiting and more

The Chris Steele Blog: Back-to-back MVP awards at elite camps, recruiting and more

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The Chris Steele Blog: Back-to-back MVP awards at elite camps, recruiting and more

St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Calif.) cornerback Chris Steele is one of the most feared men patrolling the secondary in the country. This past season he led the Braves to the state title game racking up 73 tackles, 25 pass breakups and two interceptions, despite almost never being thrown at. That’s got everyone from Alabama to USC to Texas A&M to Oregon, among many others, all giving spirited chase trying to land him. Now Steele, who is ranked No. 17 overall in the Rivals 100, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

How are you guys! It’s Chris Steele back at it again with another blog, just giving you an update on what’s going on with football and my regular life.

Well, two weeks ago we had the Rivals Camp here in L.A. and I didn’t lose a rep in 1-on-1’s. Not one.

I ended up taking home the MVP award so I was proud of that.

After that we had The Opening regionals out here and in 15 reps I only gave up one catch and took home the defensive MVP again.

I’m definitely proud of those things because I put so much into this game. I don’t know anyone who works harder than I do. It feels good to know that it’s not going unnoticed.

As far as my recruitment, I have a few visits lined up; first I’ll be at South Carolina this weekend and I’m really excited about that!

I like the idea of starting something new there. I could go to LSU, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, but they already have the title of DBU. I could go to South Carolina and start the DBU tradition and that’s appealing to me.

After that I’ll be at Oklahoma on April 14 and then I’m gonna get out to Miami down the road too.

The thing I really love about the recruitment process is getting to know the coaches. Like I talk to Coach Helton at USC about everyday life; same with Coach Cristobal at Oregon.

Me and Coach Cristobal talk about everything from my day to what I think about the new Richard Sherman deal. Same with Coach Raymond at LSU and Coach Washington at Texas.

Honestly, when I have a coach that talks to me strictly about football that kinda worries me because it makes me feel like they don’t have a personality. I like just chopping it up about regular things.

I know it’s March Madness and I haven’t followed college basketball as close this year, but I’m gonna pick Duke to win it. They’re always right up there in the hunt!

School is going great for me right now. I’m halfway through our junior year. We took midterms last week and I’m feeling good about how I did. I just want to keep that GPA up there. That’s my focus.

Of course it’s prom season, and I’m not all the way sure that I’m going to prom just yet, but I did get asked by a few ladies so we’ll see! Haha!

OK, so with the music I’m still just listening to a lot of Chicago rappers. G Herbo just came out with some new heat that I’m listening too mostly.

I’m gonna put this out there right now too: My high school team will have the No. 1 secondary in the country next season.

We got together for workouts for the first time last week and we looked great. We’ve got some transfers that are gonna be key for us and once we get all these calls down, not too many receiving groups are gonna be able to do too much against us.

You heard it here first!

OK, thanks again for reading. That’s just a little bit of what’s been going on in my life.

Hope you liked it and make sure you check back with me soon for my next blog!

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The Chris Steele Blog: Back-to-back MVP awards at elite camps, recruiting and more
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