De La Salle (Calif.) holding bobblehead night for legendary football coach Bob Ladoucer

De La Salle (Calif.) holding bobblehead night for legendary football coach Bob Ladoucer


De La Salle (Calif.) holding bobblehead night for legendary football coach Bob Ladoucer


Bob Ladoucer might be the most famous high school football coach who actually exists (Eric Taylor and Dillon High are fictional, folks. Sorry). The former De La Salle high school legend finished with 399 career wins and a litany of career accomplishments, including multiple national titles and a record winning streak.

Now, after a major market movie and plenty of books and mini-documentaries, Ladoucer is finally getting the most quintessential American celebrity treatment of all: De La Salle is introducing a Ladoucer bobblehead and hosting a bobblehead night in his honor.

Here’s what the Coach Lad bobblehead will look like, complete with sponsor-appropriate coach polo shirt:

Note that Ladoucer is wearing an Under Armour shirt while holding a bobblehead of himself wearing a Nike polo. He remains his own man, right to the end.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Ladoucer bobblehead night started as a “pipedream” cooked up by current De La Salle coach and Ladoucer protege Justin Alumbaugh. Somehow it came to reality, the prototype for the promo item arrived Monday, and now the school has tentatively scheduled for the event to go forward on October 5.

In fact, the toughest thing about the entire event and giveaway may be determining how to give out the bobbleheads that De La Salle will end up with. The school ordered an initial run of 1,000 Ladoucer dolls. Alumbaugh has already indicated some will have to be held back to distribute to the dozens of former coaches who spent time with Ladoucer over the years.

As for the coach himself, he still can’t really believe that the bobblehead even exists, as he told the Mercury News’ Darren Sabedra:

“When it was initially thought of — ‘Hey, we got have a Bobblehead Night for Ladouceur’ — I thought, ‘Yeah, right,’” Ladouceur said Monday night. “But I’ll be damned if they didn’t follow through on it and make it happen. Kind of surprised to me.

“Behind the scenes, they kept after it, and they didn’t really keep me in the loop. Then it just showed up today. Everybody was all stoked about it. Laughing and thought it was pretty funny. …

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I was kind of thinking they want to do something, kind of honor me in a funny way. Our coaches office is kind of a place that you don’t want to be if you’re easily offended or you have delicate sensibility. When we get in there by ourselves, it’s like everybody is a target. It’s a fun place to be, but there are some crazy ideas that get kicked around a lot of times. This was one of them.”


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