Despite national attention, one-armed catcher remains humble

Wade Payne, Special to the Tennesseean

Despite national attention, one-armed catcher remains humble


Despite national attention, one-armed catcher remains humble


CORNERSVILLE, Tenn. — Luke Terry looked at his missed calls after his dead cell phone started to charge.

There was a call from Texas — one he didn’t know who was on the other end.

So he dialed back.

“My man, Luke,” said the voice on the other end.

It was Deion Sanders. Yes, that Deion Sanders — the NFL Hall of Famer, who also played in MLB in the 1990s.

That may be officially when Terry, the 15-year-old one-armed catcher from Cornersville, hit prime time.

“He told me to never give up and always follow my dreams,” Terry said.

That dream still involves baseball. He wants to one day play catcher in college and later in MLB.

Terry still grabs fans attention and tugs at their hearts when they see him catch with one hand.

Videos posted to social media have caught the eye of national media outlets including ESPN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, the Rich Eisen Show and countless others.

“I’m kind of used to it by now,” Terry said. “Most of it is kind of normal. I’ll get a call and they’ll ask me to go on with them.”

But Deion Sanders calling him was another thing.

“He was grinning from ear to ear,” said Luke’s mother Dana Terry, on her son’s reaction when he told her about the conversation.

The latest wave of media attention came after a video was tweeted out a month ago showing Terry catching during a high school game. The video went viral with 6.89 million views.

It eventually reached Sanders who requested information about Luke, saying he wanted to provide new catcher equipment.

Last week Terry was decked out in new Under Armour catcher equipment — a new helmet and catcher’s mask, new chest protection and new shin guards. All of it was Cardinal red to match Cornersville’s school colors.

All of it was courtesy of Sanders.

“It’s really comfy,” Luke said.

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