Drake DM'ed Mac McClung asking for one of his jerseys

Drake DM's Mac McClung (Photo: @overtime/Twitter screen shot) Photo: @Overtime/Twitter screen shot

Drake DM'ed Mac McClung asking for one of his jerseys

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Drake DM'ed Mac McClung asking for one of his jerseys


Mac McClung has emerged as one of the most fascinating prep basketball players in recent memory. A thin 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, McClung gathered a full-on cult following as he neared and, eventually, passed Allen Iverson’s Virginia career stats.

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Somewhere along the line McClung began throwing down the most remarkable dunks, typically contested when the player is either running, trying to make a statement, or both. In this case, McClung was doing all the above, particularly against opponents that didn’t respect his scoring acumen as much as they should.

McClung’s success bred attention, which eventually leaked all the way to Drake, the famous rapper and co-owner of the Toronto Raptors. Recently Overtime was filming McClung when a funny thing happened: Drake reached out … asking for a McClung jersey.

All videos of the digital encounter have since been taken down by Overtime, which captured it in the first place. There’s been no reason given for their sudden absence, but we have a screen grab that shows what is purported to be Drake reaching out via his Instagram account:

Drake DM's Mac McClung (Photo: @overtime/Twitter screen shot)

Drake DM’s Mac McClung (Photo: @overtime/Twitter screen shot)

That’s right, Drake connected with a high school basketball player in the hope of landing a free jersey to wear around and memorialize.

It isn’t the first time that Drake has gone fishing for a top prep jersey. Last year he set the hip hop world on its ear when he was photographed wearing a Zion Williamson jersey from Spartanburg Day.

So, will Drake be coming to a city near you, wearing a McClung jersey? It might just happen.


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