Ex-coach in Texas admits to sex with student, calls himself a 'monster' and 'predator'

Ex-coach in Texas admits to sex with student, calls himself a 'monster' and 'predator'


Ex-coach in Texas admits to sex with student, calls himself a 'monster' and 'predator'


A former coach and physical education teacher in Texas charged with having an improper relationship with a student told administrators “he needed to be arrested.”

According to a warrant filed Monday and obtained by the Longview News-Journal, Jacob Vincent Badgett of Longview was released from jail Thursday on $50,000 bond, charged with improper relationship between educator and student.

The 25-year-old Badgett had gone to the Spring Hill Independent School District’s athletic director the previous day, according to the warrant, asking him to “call 911” and confessing that he “had an explicit relationship with a student.”

Per the News-Journal, SHISD Superintendent Steven Snell said Badgett also resigned Wednesday from his roles as a primary school physical education teacher, an assistant boys seventh-grade basketball coach and an assistant junior high football coach.

According to the warrant, when the school’s resource officer arrived at the meeting with Snell and the athletic director, “Badgett turned around and put his hands behind his back as if to have handcuffs put on.” Later, he “told Snell he was a ‘monster’ and a ‘predator’ and that ‘everyone knows.’ ”

While Badgett would not identify to police the student with whom he had a relationship, per the warrant, this student told officers she texted privately with Badgett. He later confirmed the student’s identity to Snell, according to the warrant.

“Snell said that Badgett had told him that he had gotten careless with emails and text messages,” according to the warrant. “Snell also indicated that Badgett said that his son would grow up without a father because he is in jail, but Snell told (the officer) that Snell is unaware of any children that Badgett currently has.”

Police executed a search warrant for Badgett’s apartment Thursday to look for materials that can be tested for “evidence of sexual activity, sexual intercourse or sexual contact,” per the warrant.


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