Former Whitehouse (Texas) football coach on Pat Mahomes: 'God didn't give out many of those arms'

Photo: USA TODAY Sports

Pat Mahomes earned a spot in the NFL record books with 10 touchdown passes in the first two weeks of the season. Now his former high school coach is explaining why there’s a lot more to come from the versatile, athletic quarterback.

“Week 2? I mean, he’s got a long season to play. He’s just getting started,” Whitehouse athletic director Adam Cook told Tyler CBS affiliate KYTX. “Patrick’s a lot different quarterback now than he was then. For him to be able to break the record’s that he’s done, he’s developed a lot as a quarterback.”

Cook said the thing that most stood out about Mahomes during his time at Whitehouse was his leadership abilities. The talent was always there, but the leadership ability grew and paced his success both at Texas Tech and, now, early in his NFL career.

“I tell people this all the time, God didn’t give a whole lot of those arms out,” Cook told KYTX. “How far he can throw it, the different angles at which he can throw it and just how quick he gets the ball out I think separates him from a lot of people.”

With Mahomes now catching the nation’s attention, Cook knows that it becomes harder and harder for the East Texas native to keep an eye on what’s happening back home. That’s ok, so long as he knows that Whitehouse and the larger community is all proud of him.

Something tells us Mahomes is well aware of that at least.

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