Idaho referee saved after collapsing on court midgame

Idaho referee saved after collapsing on court midgame

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Idaho referee saved after collapsing on court midgame


An Idaho high school basketball referee was miraculously resuscitated and saved at a ninth grade girls basketball game after he collapsed on the court during the second half.

Per, 77-year-old Pocatello referee Brian Underwood was saved by rapid intervention from off-duty fireman Jake Liday and Keith Forkin, Highland High School’s Athletic Director, who took live-saving measures with an automated external defibrillator.

Liday was at the game and watching from the stands when Underwood collapsed. The fire fighter immediately started giving the ref chest compressions. Forkin retrieved the school’s AED and shocked Underwood back into a regular rhythm, which has continued to today while the referee continues to recover.

After Underwood was transported to a local hospital it was determined that he had an arterial blockage. It took nearly all of those around the ref to save him.

“A large percentage of people like Mr. Underwood don’t ever get to the hospital, and don’t survive the event,” Cardiologist David Gonzales told “Once you get to the hospital there’s still a large percentage of folks that don’t survive this type of event… You just don’t see very many people like him but you’re seeing more now because of the broad use or ubiquitous availability of the AED.”


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