The Isaiah Todd Blog: Playing Vegas, recruiting and HoneyBaked Ham

The Isaiah Todd Blog: Playing Vegas, recruiting and HoneyBaked Ham

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The Isaiah Todd Blog: Playing Vegas, recruiting and HoneyBaked Ham


Isaiah Todd is the No. 3 overall player in USA Today Sports’ Chosen 25. At 6-foot-10, Todd is one of the most versatile players in the country, regardless of class, and has everyone from Duke to Kentucky to North Carolina to Villanova to Kansas and many more all giving chase. Todd led John Marshall (Richmond, Va.) to a state title last season and transferred to Trinity (Raleigh, N.C.) for the coming season. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his intimate thoughts to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up guys, back at y’all with another blog entry so let’s get in to it.

I want to say that I’m really proud of my Team Loaded-NC squad! We made it pretty far in the adidas Gauntlet, all the way to the Elite 8.

We played really well together and I miss those guys a lot already; they’re all like my brothers.

Then I got the chance to play with Team Melo at the end of the summer with the guys I grew up with in Baltimore. That was an amazing experience.

We didn’t have a lot of success in Vegas, but we really started to see it come together in the end.

I’m very excited about next year already!

I think the most fun matchup in Vegas that we had was against Mean Streets, just because we both had a lot of fun talking to each other. It wasn’t too heated, we were just all out there competing.

I feel like I played well in Vegas.

I tried to be a good teammate and distribute the ball, but, more than anything, it was fun reconnecting with my old friends.

Now I’m just trying to gel with my new teammates at Trinity!

We work hard!

I’m loving what I’ve been seeing in the pickup games we’ve been playing this summer. The best part is that everyone is really hungry to be the best.

Then we all hang out together too. After workouts we all go to get something to eat together and that’s not even something that coach had to tell us, we just do it any way.

I know that chemistry is gonna help us be more successful when we start the season.

I’ve really been focused on getting better with workouts all summer.

I’ve been doing three-a-days for most of the summer.

I start early in the morning with a lot of agility work, a lot of cardio and I just really push myself mentally. Then the second workout is more basketball-related whether it’s game situations, shots or stations. I finish off with the third workout which is mostly weightlifting.

I’ve had this schedule ever since I moved to North Carolina.

I love it here!

I definitely feel at home here and I’ve made a lot of friends in a short amount of time.

The best thing I’ve eaten since I moved here was at a restaurant called HoneyBaked Ham. The sandwiches there are amazing!

I get the turkey, bacon, ranch sandwich on wheat! Try it if you haven’t ever had it.

On the recruiting side, Kentucky has been reaching out consistently, Maryland has too, Oklahoma State reaches out consistently, Texas, Florida offered recently and I’ve had a lot of other schools reaching out.

I’m really liking getting to know the coaches; I just like having conversations with them and I really like being able to tell them that I’m in the gym working out when they call or text.

I don’t have any plans for visits as of right now, but I do want to shoutout my friends at Duke, Zion and all those guys; I’m looking forward to seeing them play this season. I know I’ll get over to the games, and shoutout to my friend Nas at North Carolina too. I know he’s gonna do his thing this year and I’ll get over there to watch him too.

OK, I’ve got to say that my favorite thing to listen to right now is “Astroworld” by Travis Scott. I listen to “Scorpion” by Drake too.

Those are the main two.

I’m reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” right now for our summer reading assignment for school. I’m just getting in to it now, but I’ve heard it’s a classic. I’ll keep you guys posted on how I’m liking it.

Before I end it I want to thank Baltimore for allowing me to play on their summer team. I want to thank Richmond for all the years they gave me and I want to thank Raleigh for welcoming me!

OK guys I’ve got to get going, but I’m really excited for the upcoming high school season and I’m really excited to do another blog soon so check back in.

Take care.

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The Isaiah Todd Blog: Playing Vegas, recruiting and HoneyBaked Ham
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