The Jaemyn Brakefield Blog: Lessons from Stephen Curry, recruitment and more

The Jaemyn Brakefield Blog: Lessons from Stephen Curry, recruitment and more

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The Jaemyn Brakefield Blog: Lessons from Stephen Curry, recruitment and more


Jaemyn Brakefield is ranked No. 5 overall in USA Today Sports’ Chosen 25 for 2020 and already has college basketball heavyweights like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA and Louisville, among many others, all in hot pursuit. Brakefield, a forward at Huntington Prep (W.Va.), led the adidas Gauntlet in scoring averaging 27 points for OSAG (Miss.).  Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

What’s good world it’s Jaemyn, back at you with another blog!

I’ve gotta start out by talking about the Steph Curry Camp since that’s the last camp I went to of the summer. It was a great experience because it was very hands-on.

We all worked hard and hung out and had fun too.

I think the all-star game was the best part. We lost by one on a buzzer beater, but it was still a good time.

I would have to say that the players that impressed me the most would be Anthony Edwards and Cole Anthony.

I feel like I played great out there. I definitely got better and learned some stuff.

I got a chance to workout with Steph directly and I learned a lot. He would show me where to hang the ball when I’m dribbling and how to get lower. Just all the little tricks that can make a big difference.

Well, I’m back in school now!

I think the class that I’m gonna like the most this year is gonna be my Algebra class. I’m a math guy; it just comes easy to me.

Our team should be really good this season too.

We’ve got some talented players and we still may be adding a few guys. I’m expecting big things.

I’m definitely hungry this season after the way I finished this summer. I don’t feel like I finished as strong as I started. I led the adidas Gauntlet in scoring but then I changed teams and the guys already had established roles and that’s just hard to come in to late.

The Curry Camp made my summer ending stronger, but now I’m just focused on the high school season.

It’s hard to tweak things you need to work on when you’re traveling all over the country every week. If I could do it over again I would probably do more individual work.

Other than that my recruitment is going pretty well.

Pitt and Wisconsin are the latest two schools to hit me up. Duke, Kansas, UCLA and Kentucky followed me all summer; they were at pretty much every game.

I heard about the new rule where you can do 15 official visits now and that’s pretty crazy.

I don’t know if I would use all 15; that’s a lot.

I definitely plan on taking a few visits this year though.

I can’t wait until the college coaches can come out to our open gyms next month. I’ve already had a bunch of coaches saying they can’t wait to come see me so that should be fun.

OK, let’s talk music!

Right now I’m listening to all kinds of stuff from the new Future to the new Drake to a bunch of new guys that I’m learning about.

If you’ve got someone you want to put me on to just hit me up!

OK everybody I’ve gotta get going, but thanks again for checking out my latest blog.

I’ll be back soon with the next one so stay tuned.

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The Jaemyn Brakefield Blog: Lessons from Stephen Curry, recruitment and more
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