The Mental Game: Focus on what you can control

The Mental Game: Focus on what you can control

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The Mental Game: Focus on what you can control

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Do you become distracted after arguing with an official about a bad call they made even when you knew the official was not going to change his call? You might have become upset or frustrated, lost your composure, and it affected you for several minutes to follow or even the rest of the game.

Focusing on stuff that is beyond your control is a distraction, at the very least, and can hurt your game and put your team, or if you play an individual sport, put you in a bad position. You can classify all of this over-thinking about outcomes into thoughts or on the playing fields because you do not want to fail and mess up. Fear of failure can also cause you to try too hard as well as overthinking which ends up causing disappointments.

Allow yourself to let go of these things, and learn to recognize, regroup and refocus to move on so you can play the rest of your game at the highest level with a clear mind.


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The Mental Game: Focus on what you can control

Focusing on the wrong things will affect your performance.

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