Ohio coaches sue parents for slander and libel, seek more than $25,000

Ohio coaches sue parents for slander and libel, seek more than $25,000

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Ohio coaches sue parents for slander and libel, seek more than $25,000


A group of coaches at a Toledo private school have had enough of being bad mouthed by the parents of some of their players, and they’re taking action into their own hands.

As reported by Toledo ABC affiliate WTVG, four Maumee Valley Country Day School basketball coaches — including the head coach/athletic director — have filed suit against an undisclosed group of parents, claiming the parents have been publicly defamed by parents who are upset at the treatment of their children, largely in cases where they feel they aren’t receiving enough playing time.

“They just want it to stop. They’re getting slammed from every angle,” Bob Bahret, the coaches’ attorney, told WTVG. “It all started over playing time. This is your classic parents being disgruntled because Johnny isn’t playing more minutes.”

The coaches are seeking more than $25,000 in compensatory damages in the case.

Critical to the coaches’ complaint is lost revenue from a summer camp that they were unable to hold the prior summer because of innuendo which was spread about their coaching methods and treatment of players. While an investigation into the coaches’ conduct was undertaken, no proof of any misconduct was identified, only a lack of appropriate paperwork at the very beginning of the 2016-17 season.

With defamatory posts about the coaches continuing online, the group decided they couldn’t wait until after the 2017-18 season to make their case, instead filing suit just as the season reaches a critical point.

“… more posts and emails going out accusing them of criminal misconduct were going on, they just said OK we have enough distractions , we might as well have one more,” Bahret told WTVG.


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