One MLS match could drastically impact the Georgia football championships

Cranes poke through the retractible roof under construction inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons NFL football team in Atlanta, Tuesday, April 25, 2017. The challenge with the retractable roof has been installing the eight triangular steel petals that would enable it to retract and open like a camera lens. Water-tight seals are being installed on the petals, then it'll take eight weeks to place fluorine-based plastic on them, a spokeswoman said. In early June, workers will bring the petals together for proper alignment with the help of two gigantic crawler-cranes. (AP Photo/David Goldman) Photo: AP Photo/David Goldman

One MLS match could drastically impact the Georgia football championships


One MLS match could drastically impact the Georgia football championships


There’s a history of MLS clubs and high school football programs finding synergies in crowd size and the benefit of shared resources. Now, in Atlanta, the continued success of an MLS club could completely change the logistics behind the biggest high school football games of the year.

As reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Georgia state high school football finals which are scheduled to be held in Mercedes Benz Stadium between Dec. 7-8 appear likely ticketed to Dec. 11-12,  barring a major collapse in the second leg of the MLS Eastern Conference Finals by Atlanta United.

Atlanta United took a 3-0 lead in the first leg of its home-and-home conference finals with Red Bull New York. If United can avoid a defeat by worse than 3-0 in the second leg, it will advance to the MLS Cup Final.

And if Atlanta finds itself in the MLS Cup Final, it will host against either of the Western Conference finalists (Portland and Kansas City), which would in turn necessitate a shift of the Georgia state finals from their expected Friday-Saturday slots to a Tuesday-Wednesday schedule.

Of course, it’s too early to begin planning for that alternate scenario, and no coaches have weighed in on the prospect of having the most important games of their season shifted to a Tuesday or Wednesday. Still, there is one note of consolation for Georgia players and coaches if they are forced to move by the potential MLS schedule conflict: This year, the games will take place at Mercedes Benz, whether on a Friday-Saturday or Tuesday-Wednesday.


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