Recruiting Tip: Top 3 ways to get a college coach to hit “reply”

Recruiting Tip: Top 3 ways to get a college coach to hit “reply”


Recruiting Tip: Top 3 ways to get a college coach to hit “reply”


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In today’s world, sending an email is still the most effective way to start a dialogue with a college coach. An email from a player expressing sincere interest and whose abilities are a match for the program will many times spark interest from a coach. It’s faster than a letter, less stressful than making a phone call and more professional than a direct message. Here are my top 3 ways to have a coach actually pay attention to your first email.

1. The message has to be short and to-the-point

Simply sending the same email to every coach makes you no different than every other athlete who is doing the same thing every day. That being said, don’t waste a coach’s time by sending your detailed autobiography. The reality is, they aren’t going to read it all anyway. Make it short and sweet and make your strongest points in the first few sentences. Express specific interest in their program, summarize your strengths and provide the contact information of your current coach so they can check on you if they’re interested. Make the best impression you can in 2 minutes or less!

2. Include a link to your recruiting video

For a coach to legitimately interested in you from an email, you have to include a link to your recruiting video. If you’re not sure how to make a skills video, put yourself in the shoes of a college coach. If you were a coach and wanted to make an initial evaluation of an athlete, what would you want them to see? Send that. The reality is that most college coaches will see a recruit for the first time on video, it’s the world we live in! You don’t need to break the bank creating a professional video with music and graphics. Just make sure they can clearly see your athleticism and what you have to offer.

3. Make the email personal

Communicating your specific, personal interest in a program greatly increases your chances of a coach hitting reply. College coaches build winning teams with athletes who sincerely want to be a part of their program. They can tell when an email isn’t sincere, and those emails get deleted almost immediately. You are much better off sending 10 personal emails than sending the same “canned” email to 100 coaches. Make it obvious that you know a little about their team and tell them why you want to play for them. It’s that simple.


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