60% of Chloe Kim's pre-gold medal tweets from Korea were about food

Chloe Kim in the women's halfpipe final (Photo: Guy Rhodes/USA TODAY Sports) Photo: Guy Rhodes/USA TODAY Sports

60% of Chloe Kim's pre-gold medal tweets from Korea were about food

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60% of Chloe Kim's pre-gold medal tweets from Korea were about food


Now we know: Chloe Kim is just a “hangry” teenager, just like your local Millennial 7-11 enthusiast.

Kim also happens to be the single greatest female snowboard halfpipe rider in the world, probably ever. She dominated the woman’s halfpipe event at the Olympics from Pyeongchang in her parents’ homeland on Monday, recording the three highest scores in qualifying and the finals to earn her first gold medal at the ripe old age of 17. Despite her prodigious talent, the Long Beach, Calif. native is still a teen, which her social media activity made perfectly clear during her time so far at the Olympics.

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In her time since being on the ground in Korea until she officially earned the gold medal, Kim sent five tweets, not counting an obviously sponsored and professionally authored offering from official sportswear and sneaker sponsor Nike on Feb. 9, a day before the opening ceremony. One of those five tweets was a candid photo by Getty Images. Three of the other four were about food.

Is there anything more teenager than that? Sure, there is. Just check out the food choices Kim focused on:

“Bomb” churros? Ice cream (in 20-degree weather!)? Breakfast sandwiches? Yes, Chloe Kim is your archetypical teen.

For the record, her fifth Tweet was about being nervous (hence the reference in her churro Tweet).

There are countless other ways in which Kim has always come across like a tremendously talented but still impetuous teenager: the frequent color changes in streaks of hair, the ripped jeans, the previous Twitter references to California Pizza Kitchen and In N’ Out burger.

No wait, scratch that. Those last two are about teenage food favorites, too.

Of course, it’s not just that Kim is Tweeting about food, it’s the type of food she’s fixating on. Literally every single item she has lusted after between halfpipe runs has been available at your local convenience store. In fact, in her ancestral homeland, where she can get artisanal bibimbap or bonebroth soup, Kim just wants some fresh churros and a good breakfast sammie.

Oh, and a gold medal. Luckily for her, she’s got her gloves on all of them already.


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