Star 15-year-old twins DeMari, Ja'Cari Henderson are 'package deal'

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Star 15-year-old twins DeMari, Ja'Cari Henderson are 'package deal'

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Star 15-year-old twins DeMari, Ja'Cari Henderson are 'package deal'


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The hair of twins DeMari and J’Cari Henderson is a little different. Ja’Cari’s style goes a little farther down his forehead than DeMari’s, and there’s a little more color in it.

That’s the main difference between the two.

Not that they agree.

“I have better defense than him,” Ja’Cari said.

“Nah, I have better defense than him,” DeCari countered.

“I’m more aggressive,” Ja’Cari followed with.

“I’m more aggressive than him,” DeMari responded, to which Ja’Cari added, “He’s not aggressive like me.”

They say they don’t argue anymore. Back in elementary school, they absolutely would. But now 15 years old, the freshmen at Sanford (Fla.) High School have matured and were surrounded by the top high school talent in the country at the USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team Minicamp in Colorado Springs last weekend.

The twins are as inseparable as two can be. Though college is still a lifetime away, they agree on one thing:

“Package deal.”

The two will not consider attending different colleges.

But that’s where the agreements end.

“I can live without him,” DeMari said.

Without hesitation, Ja’Cari responded, “He can’t live without me. He loves me.”

They don’t have much preference yet for a university. After all, they haven’t even started their first high school basketball season. DeMari said he wants to go to a Div. 1 program, while Ja’Cari said his dream would be to attend “any (Div. 1) Florida school” and also mentioned Alabama.

They have their little tricks on the court and in the classroom. One-on-one games are tough; they’ve learned each other’s moves and tendencies. But that gives them an advantage when facing real opponents and defenses.

They have a feel of what the other is doing on the floor without having to check.

“I know where he’s gonna be,” DeMari said. “Where he’s at on the court, what he gonna do.”

It probably helps that they’ve almost literally been in the other’s shoes.

In the past, the two would sometimes trade shirts and walk into the others’ classroom, then trade back a couple minutes later.

Teachers wouldn’t notice.

There are times on the court that the defense can’t tell the difference either.

With four classes and basketball together, one Henderson doesn’t have much time away from the other.

But at USA Basketball minicamp, they found different things to take home.

“I’m learning how to move without the ball, learning how to work with teammates,” DeMari said.

Ja’Cari said he’s learning to take criticism better.

“Don’t take it in a bad way, because the coaches are trying to help you improve,” he said.


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Star 15-year-old twins DeMari, Ja'Cari Henderson are 'package deal'
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