The C.J. Walker Blog: Final three, season beginning, Kodak Black and more

The C.J. Walker Blog: Final three, season beginning, Kodak Black and more

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The C.J. Walker Blog: Final three, season beginning, Kodak Black and more


C.J. Walker was one of the hottest players of the spring and summer, demolishing the competition for E1T1 (Fla.) with his versatility and athletic power dunks. The 6-foot-9 forward recently cut his list to three: Miami, LSU and Oregon. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his intimate thoughts to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up world this is C.J. Walker coming at you with my latest blog.

I know that most people know by now that I cut my list down to three: LSU, Oregon and Miami.

It’s been a fun process, a little overwhelming at times, but it’s a situation that most people want to be in so I embrace it.

It’s getting down to the point that I have to make a decision and those were the three schools that really stood out to me.

It was hard to cut Florida because my guy Tre Mann is there, but, in the end, we both know that we have to do what’s best for us individually.

Oregon: They play an up-tempo style and I love that offense. I have a great relationship with the coaches and I feel like that’s a school that will let me showcase my skills.

Miami: I love their style and the coaches and, of course, it’s close to home so I’d be close to my family.

LSU: They’ve got a great plan on how to use me and I really like the staff there.

Now that I’ve done all three of my visits I’m gonna sit down and talk with my family and my coaches about everything and figure it all out. I’ve got enough people in my inner circle that will help me think everything through. That really takes pressure off of me.

I want to have my decision done before my season starts in late November.

I’m really excited about the season because I’m going for my third-straight state title.

We’ve had a couple of fall league games and we’re looking good; we just have to work on our chemistry because we have a lot of younger guys.

I’m confident that we can win it, but it’s gonna take a lot of hard work so that’s what we’re doing now.

School is going great for me, I’ve got all A’s and B’s. I think my favorite class is Digital Design because I get to see how those guys produce the mixtapes they make on us.

Now I can see what different video services do and it’s pretty cool.

OK, on the music side I’m gonna say that if it ain’t Kodak I don’t know that!

I listen to other people, but before a game it’s always gonna be Kodak Black! He’s the hottest out right now.

Alright guys, I’m gonna get outta here and play a little 2K, but I appreciate you reading and make sure you check back soon for my next blog because I may have more news coming soon.

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