The Coby White Blog: Officially on campus, winning gold and more

The Coby White Blog: Officially on campus, winning gold and more

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The Coby White Blog: Officially on campus, winning gold and more


From dedicating his senior season to his late father to becoming North Carolina’s all-time leading scorer to having his jersey retired before he graduated high school, Coby White has a storybook high school run. Now he’s beginning summer school at North Carolina and closing out his USA Today Blog.

Hey, what’s up world, Coby White here to close out my blog since I’m starting college now.

Wow, I can’t even believe I’m already here in college; it feels like the last year just flew by, but I’m excited about what’s coming.

I just look at it like it’s a new chapter for me and I’m ready!

Well, sort of ready! Haha!

I think the biggest adjustment will be learning to wash clothes. I still don’t know how to do that. I know that’s crazy, but I’ll get it down.

I’ve been here in Chapel Hill for about a week and I started classes on Monday. I love it so far.

One of the main reasons I came to UNC was the family atmosphere and I get reminded of that every day. I get stopped a lot during the day with different classmates and fans just showing their support and things like that.

I appreciate all of that stuff.

I’m just trying to figure out where everything is because it’s such a big campus.

I think one of the classes I’m gonna be most interested in is my Sports Management class. I’m considering that as a major so we’ll see how it goes. I know I’ll learn a lot in this class.

My roommates are Nas (Little) and Leaky (Black) so that’s been fun too.

We’ve already started playing pick-up games this summer and it’s been really competitive.

The one thing I can tell is different is the strength. Most of the guys are bigger and stronger so that’s been the biggest adjustment, but I’ve been working really hard with my strength training and I can already see improvement there.

Everyone is looking improved, but I’d say Brandon Robinson is the guy who’s gonna surprise a lot of people this season. He’s been ballin’!

I’m proud to say that I helped my country win a gold medal!

We won with the USA U18 team earlier this month and it was such a great experience and feeling.

Just having that “USA” on my chest was something that’s hard to describe. I was just proud to be representing my country and winning.

It’s one of those things that mean a lot to us now, but down the line it’ll mean even more.

My mom has the gold medal and my jersey and she’s working on getting it framed and everything like that.

I already know that, as fast as my senior season flew by, the college season is gonna be here before I know it.

The things I’m working on the most is just being more of a leader and being way more talkative. I want to prove that even as a freshman I’m ready to step in and lead.

Just reminiscing back on my senior year there are so many things that stand out like breaking the North Carolina scoring record, going to the championship at the John Wall, winning the gold medal, McDonald’s, Jordan Brand and others too!

I couldn’t have written that story any better. I’ve been blessed for sure.

OK, everybody once again thanks for sticking with me over the last year and a half and reading my blog. Your support has meant a lot to me!

Please continue to support me next season while we chase this chip!

As always I’m ending my blog with my prayer for my dad.

“Dear God, watch over my father’s soul. I know he’s having a great time up there in paradise, and I know he’s watching out for me and my family as I continue to pursue my dreams and make him proud.”

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