The Mental Game: Handling the most difficult distraction

The Mental Game: Handling the most difficult distraction

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The Mental Game: Handling the most difficult distraction

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Do you start a game ready to clean up, but then become distracted by your own inner chatter?

Most athletes have trained themselves to focus when needed, they want this time to show they are ready when called on, but sometimes their own inner chatter or internal, self-induced distractions prevent them from performing up to their potential.

What do I mean by internal distractions?

Well, external distractions, such as fans yelling, cameras, and noise can easily be dealt with by shifting your focus away from the distraction. Internal distractions (or inner chatter) is your own mind telling you things, like don’t miss the the shot or don’t drop the ball.

This type of overthinking chatter puts yourself in a self-doubt mindset with added pressure. This is harder to let go of because you conjure up these negative self-inflicted distractions all on your own without the help of others! This starts to happen you need to recognize it, reset yourself and refocus on your game. Deep breaths and let it out with positive thoughts coming back into your mind!


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The Mental Game: Handling the most difficult distraction

Sometimes the toughest distraction is in a player’s own mind.

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