The Mental Game: Help athletes strive for success

The Mental Game: Help athletes strive for success

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The Mental Game: Help athletes strive for success

By is founded by Shayne McGowan, based on the concept of creating a superior standard of training for athletes on and off the field. McGowan is a certified mental game coaching professional. He has studied at Cal State University and has played football in college and briefly in the pros. He is a member of Coaches of Canada and NCCP certified, has 30 years fitness background as a trainer. He has done interviews on Fox Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio, NFL Spin Zone, NFL Showtime, BlogTalkRadio and writes for Train fitness magazine.

Very dedicated, hard-working athletes who have fear of failure make the classic mistake of focusing too much on avoiding failure rather than striving for success. Athletes typically strive for success or try to avoid failure and mistakes.

Athletes who are anxious when they perform or often worry about mistakes, most likely are in the ‘fear of failure’ category.

Telling your athletes that focusing on things like, “don’t throw an interception!” or “don’t miss the free throw!” only brings these things more into one’s awareness, and that adds pressure to an athlete who already has pressure on them.

Words used before games or competitions are very crucial in keeping your athlete positive and confident.

The plan for helping your athlete strive for success is to set positive goals for their performance before competition and help them focus on what they want to accomplish rather than fear what they don’t want to have happen.


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