The Mental Game: What does a team player mean to you?

The Mental Game: What does a team player mean to you?

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The Mental Game: What does a team player mean to you?

By is founded by Shayne McGowan, based on the concept of creating a superior standard of training for athletes on and off the field. McGowan is a certified mental game coaching professional. He has studied at Cal State University and has played football in college and briefly in the pros. He is a member of Coaches of Canada and NCCP certified, has 30 years fitness background as a trainer. He has done interviews on Fox Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio, NFL Spin Zone, NFL Showtime, BlogTalkRadio and writes for Train fitness magazine.

Many athletes in their sport have made difficult and different sacrifices to stay with there organization or team. From lesser roles to restructuring contracts all in order to stay with and be a team player! Are you willing to do whatever is needed for the team? Are you a team player?

With the NBA Finals over and Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors was a huge factor in leading this team to a 4-0 win in the championship. He led the team to a 3-0 lead with 43 points in a comeback victory, as well. There is no question that Durant has been a pivotal piece to the Warriors’ success over the past two seasons. Coming in last year and helping Golden State win a title was a huge factor in the Finals for Golden State. The unselfishness Durant has shown with willingly taking a thick $10 million dollar pay cut speaks greatly of his character.

It allowed the Warriors to keep a few players, and remain the championship-winning team they were last season. Being a team player and understanding there is no “I” in team can be difficult for some athletes. Championship teams are made up of various players; respectful, selfless players, each contributing in their role.

Though there may be a superstar or a standout, it takes a team of people with a common goal and mission to be successful and win championships.


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The Mental Game: What does a team player mean to you?
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