The Minnesota Hockey All-Hair team. All hail!

The Minnesota High School Hockey All-Hair Team is an annual tradition (Photo: YouTube screen shot) Photo: YouTube screen shot

The Minnesota Hockey All-Hair team. All hail!

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The Minnesota Hockey All-Hair team. All hail!


There are few high school traditions that are beloved by their local communities than the Minnesota Hockey All-Hair team, which is cultivated by Game On! Minnesota. The announcement of the team raises money for a worthwhile youth hockey charity, it honors the teams that reach the state tournament at St. Paul’s XCel Center, and it showcases something that truly is worth celebrating: Long, glorious hockey hair.

Lettuce, salad, flow. Whatever you call it, Minnesota has it. In spades.

Here is the 2018 edition of the All-Hair team, which followed Minnetonka’s ascension to the top of Class 2A, and Orono’s in Class A.

Both those teams had members earn a spot on a team that celebrated the “Salad Sideshow Bob,” “Salad Spartacus,”  “the Flow-nado” and “Repucksel,” among others. It’s a truly epic set of nicknames.

As for the younger entrants, let’s just say the future of Minnesota hockey hair is bright. There’s a whole lot of greasy lettuce to come in the years ahead.


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