Tre Mann can score from anywhere, but he's a pure point guard

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Tre Mann can score from anywhere, but he's a pure point guard

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Tre Mann can score from anywhere, but he's a pure point guard


LAS VEGAS — Every time Each 1 Teach 1 played at last week’s Fab 48 at Bishop Gorman, it was a full-on show with fans spilling out of the bleachers. And that’s not just because Dwyane Wade would sit courtside to watch his son, Zaire.

E1T1 was absurdly loaded. Rivals’ No. 1 prospect Vernon Carey and rapidly rising four-star athlete CJ Walker dominated opponents.

But they didn’t lead the buzzsaw offense. That duty belonged to Tre Mann.

And he was good at it.

The 6-foot-4, four-star point guard from Florida orchestrated a symphony of destruction as E1T1 tore though its Las Vegas opponents — including a five-star-laden Team Rio squad last Wednesday night.

It was easy to tell why Iowa State and so many other high-major programs have entered the fray since Mann re-opened his recruitment July 13.

The Cyclones were a regular courtside presence at Mann’s games last week.

The Register was able to catch a couple of Mann’s games. Here’s what we saw.

One-on-one machine

Often with high school prospects, there’s somewhat of a trade-off between quickness and length on the perimeter. It’s rare to find both.

Mann has both.

He’s got the lightning-quick first step of a smaller guard paired with the length of a still-growing lanky guard. Combine those qualities with his slick handle and deceptive strength, and you get a guard who can beat most of his opponents one-on-one. He can jab-step and beat you on a straight drive to the bucket, or he can overwhelm you with fast, long strides and angle his way to the rim.

Those same qualities also make him a high-level perimeter defender — and someone you’d love to use in a press defense.

An elite shooter

Mann had a reputation among coaches as one of the country’s top shooters entering Vegas, and he proved why with E1T1.

He’s got a quick, simple shooting motion that allows him to pull up from anywhere. He’s been known to occasionally stretch his range up to 28-30 feet in high school. In Vegas, he fared especially well shooting in space created from a ball screen.

Mann is particularly effective from beyond the arc because of what we just mentioned: He’s so good working one-on-one from the perimeter that defenders can’t crowd him out there.

Not just a scorer

There’s no doubt Mann can score in a variety of ways. But, more often than not, he’s looking to set up his teammates. One common thought about Mann is that he truly makes his teammates better — even with E1T1, when his teammates are already good.

Mann pushes the envelope in transition with pinpoint passes. He can drive and kick. He works well with ball screens. He’s got great instincts and court vision. He knows where space will open up in a defense before anybody else on the court.

He’s a complete point guard.

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