Deon Stroud's between-the-legs 360 Eastbay Tomahawk dunk is season's best

Photo: YouTube screen shot

It’s over. If there was ever a formal dunk contest, this is your winner.

Meet the dunk to end all dunks, from the Pangos Diamond in the Rough Senior Showcase, where some of the nation’s remaining un-pledged juniors and seniors go to raise their profile. One of those under-the-radar stars is junior Deon Stroud, who starred for San Joaquin Memorial in Fresno, Calif. Then he arrived at the Pangos Diamond in the Rough showcase and he stole the thunder from all the seniors desperate to generate more attention.

Here’s how it did it:

Yup, that’s pretty unreal all right. Let’s take another look from a closer angle of the dunk itself:

Stroud is not considered an elite prospect. He has no firm offers, though plenty of interest from Cal-Berkeley and hometown Fresno State. Interest, but no offers.

Perhaps that will change following his latest outburst of absurd athleticism at the rim at an all-star event. We’re willing to go out on a limb and say he deserves it at this point.

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