VIDEO: Iowa State-signee Talen Horton-Tucker with the block of the year for Simeon

Photo: @overtime/Twitter screen shot

Holy cow, Talen Horton-Tucker!

If you haven’t seen Horton-Tucker yet, well, you’re missing out. The Iowa State signee is a versatile and explosive small forward for Chicago-power Simeon. At 6-foot-5 and 210 pounds, Horton-Tucker is big enough to defend in the post at the high school level, but strong enough with the ball in his hands to create offensively, too.

Then there’s his defense.

Horton-Tucker is an absolute Hoover closing down on the defensive end, as you can see from the highlight above, where Horton-Tucker completely swallowed up an opponent’s shot against Chicago East.

The big point? Don’t take your eyes off Horton-Tucker, now or starting next year in Ames. If you do, it might cost you (or your team) your shot.

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