Watch Zion Williamson blast a home run to the absolute moon

Photo: AP/Gregory Payan

Zion Williamson: Dunk like Jordan, hit like Barry Bonds. Either way, Zion’s dropping bombs.

Williamson, the recent Duke enrollee who hopes to follow in the footsteps of prior one-and-done Blue Devils success stories like Brandon Ingram and Jayson Tatum, is extremely well known for his athletic exploits on the court.

Now we can all wonder what might have been on the baseball diamond, too, following one really big moonshot during a recent pick-up game.

Seriously. Take a look at that homer. It’s absolutely crushed.

It’s also likely the last time we’ll see Zion in any kind of a pseudo-competitive baseball event. Given his almost certain NBA future, things like a fastball on the hands or foul ball to the face are risks to both his physical and financial future.

That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun to watch Williamson crush balls into the stratosphere. We should enjoy whenever it happens, just as those in attendance clearly did here.

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