2019 Name of the Year bracket includes these six high school athletes with incredible names

2019 Name of the Year bracket includes these six high school athletes with incredible names

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2019 Name of the Year bracket includes these six high school athletes with incredible names


Every year, fans wait until March to weigh in on their brackets. No, not those brackets. The Name of the Year (NoTY) competition.

As has recently become tradition, a chunk (in this case, roughly 10 percent) of the 2019 64-name bracket hails from the world of high school sports, mostly from the recruiting ranks. Let’s just say that the six scholastic athletes who were chosen as part of the 2019 competition are impeccably named:

Smart Chibuzo, a four-star junior offensive tackle for Hightower High School (Missouri City, Texas) enters the tournament as a No. 16 seed against the heavily favored top-seed Jizyah Shorts (no arguing the seeding there). A Texas A&M commit, Chibuzo could use your support when voting opens to spring a potential all-time NoTY upset.

General Booty, the sophomore quarterback at Cornerstone Christian (San Antonio, Texas) is somehow also a lower seed in the same Dragonwagon Region. A No. 13 seed facing the fourth-seeded Candy Button Disco, Booty’s challenge is significant but not insurmountable. After all, his name is General Booty.

Bear Spiker finds himself in the ultimate first round upset position: A No. 12 seed. Spiker, a hockey player for Dublin Coffman (Ohio) High School, is matched up against Alprentice Vonslatten, a five seed in the Crotchtangle Region. We like Spiker’s chances.

Princehoward Barbecue Yee, who goes by his middle name Barbecue Yee, is one of only two high school athletes who earned lower seeds for their initial matchup. Yee’s father famously sued to gain his baseball eligibility at Deering (Me.) High School, only for the lawsuit to be rejected. Still, the existence of the suit helped generate awareness about Barbecue Yee’s incredible name, and perhaps his baseball talent, too. Yee is the No. 6 seed in the Sithole Region, matched up against No. 11-seeded Pope Thrower.

Storm Duck, the North Carolina football signee, is a 13 seed in the Bulltron Region. The three-star cornerback from Boiling Springs (S.C.) High School is matched up against No. 4 seed Truman Peyote. This feels like another winnable matchup for the young Mr. Duck.

Manchester United MacGyver is the clear, runaway favorite from among the high school and youth ranks. MacGyver is a teenage soccer player in Namibia, and he’s a Liverpool fan (that’s a joke; we’re sure he’s a Man United fan). His name is also the combination of a globally recognized soccer club and a popular mid-1980s TV show starring Richard Dean Anderson. What could possibly go wrong. The three-seed in the Bulltron Region, he’s matched up against failed politician Rebel Snodgrass. We can only see that matchup going one way when the public starts voting.

There is real potential for a NoTY run from one of these budding scholastic athletes. We’re particularly fond of Manchester United MacGyver, Barbecue Yee and General Booty, though any of these six young men could follow in the footsteps of past great NoTY high school athletes like Jadeveon Clowney.


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