A day with no hits: Southern New Mexico duo pulls off rare feat of no-hitter, perfect game in same day

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A day with no hits: Southern New Mexico duo pulls off rare feat of no-hitter, perfect game in same day


A day with no hits: Southern New Mexico duo pulls off rare feat of no-hitter, perfect game in same day


Carlsbad High School softball pitcher Ashley Hernandez and Caveman baseball pitcher TJ Ruiz threw a perfect game and no-hitter, respectively, within 90 minutes of each other on April 18 a few hundred feet apart.

How rare was this? The last time this could have happened was when actual cavemen and cavegirls were walking the earth.

Simply put, the odds are astronomical for a no-hitter and perfect game being thrown on the same day by the same school. Here’s how rare it actually is.

The odds

Dr. Pradip Aryal, a mathematics professor at New Mexico State-Carlsbad, helped crunch the numbers on not just one happening but both happening on the same day.

Using Major League Baseball stats, the odds of a no-hitter are about 1 in 1,548 while the odds of a perfect game are about 1 in 18,192. The odds of one team accomplishing both goals at any point in history is about 1 in 28 million (1 in 28,161,216).

That’s rare, but not quite rare enough. What about both happening on the same day? According to the New Mexico Activities Association, there were 34 baseball games and 38 softball games played on April 18, 2019. Using those numbers, the odds of it happening on the same day are now 1 in 218 million.

That’s 218 million DAYS. Approximately 597,000 years. Back almost two-thirds of a million years ago homo erectus (our cavemen brethren) was still walking the earth and homo sapiens (us) was in the early phases of existence.

The performances

Hernandez pitched for Carlsbad in Game 2 of a softball doubleheader against Roswell  High School. She needed 43 pitches in five innings (8.6 pitches per inning) to record the perfect game as they won 11-0 in a run-rule game.

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The last Cavegirl softball pitcher to throw a perfect game was Shelby Owens in the 1980s, coach John Tiggert said.

TJ Ruiz pitched for Carlsbad in its second game of a doubleheader against Clovis High School. Carlsbad had a chance to end the game early, but were stuck at nine runs for the final two innings, forcing Ruiz to throw all seven innings.

Ruiz struck out 13 and walked one with 89 pitches in seven innings. Another baserunner reached first on a fielding error, but Clovis never had a runner in scoring position.

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The last time Carlsbad threw a no-hitter was through the combined efforts of Jonah Mathews and Nate Arrington against El Paso Horizon on Feb. 23, 2018. The last time one Caveman did it by himself was in 2017 when Trevor Rodgers threw two no-hitters and a perfect game in his senior year.

The several hundred people in attendance for both performances should count themselves lucky to observe this because it might be another 218 million days for this to happen again.

That’s around the year 600,019 AD. There’s a good chance the Eloi and Morlocks from H.G. Wells’ Time Machine should still be on speaking terms, or if the Starship Enterprise is still engaging on its Star Trek, hopefully the holodeck will allow those to relive either historic moment.

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