Aaron Persky, recalled judge in Brock Turner case, fired as high school tennis coach

Photo: Associated Press

A week ago, Aaron Persky was a high school tennis coach. Now, he’s a former high school tennis coach.

As reported by NBC News, among other outlets, Persky was officially relieved of his duties as a girls junior varsity tennis coach at Lynbrook (Calif.) High School in San Jose. He was hired there after he was recalled from his role as a federal judge in 2018 in the aftermath of his perceived lenient sentence for Brock Turner, the convicted rapist and former Stanford swimmer.

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Persky said in a statement to NBC Bay Area he was fired and told the decision stemmed from a desire to separate the program from media distraction. Persky took the high road upon his dismissal, noting only “it was a privilege to coach the team, if only for a short time.”

For Persky, the question again shifts to what’s next. The ex-coach has a passion for tennis, and his most recent job seemed to scratch his athletic itch.

Now he’ll have to find something new, again.

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