Chop-Up: Kevin Gates sits on the random/hot seat

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

For years now, Kevin Gates has solidified his spot as one of the top emcees in hip hop and his new project “I’m Him” only reinforces his standing.

What you probably don’t know is that Gates once starred in the ring as a boxer, but, admittedly, didn’t have the attention span to stick with it.

“I’m always looking for something new to conquer,” Gates said.

Still, it begs the question: How would Gates’ career have panned out if he’d continued to pursue his love of boxing?

“Oh, I’d be the world’s greatest!” Gates said. “Muhammad Ali.”

We caught up with Gates to chop-it-up about everything from his new album “I’m Him” to the new slang and lingo he makes up daily to why he’d love to see a sequel to “A Bronx Tale.”

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Jason Jordan: We’re a sports entity first, so I always like to gauge the sports backgrounds and experiences of all my guests on the Celeb Chop-Up; what sports did you play coming up?

Kevin Gates: Let me tell you something, I’m half man, half amazing; that’s my nickname. I’m great at everything, but the sports I gravitated toward were boxing and soccer. I just have a short attention span, so I didn’t stay with it.

JJ: Let’s take boxing, if you had stayed with it and didn’t have a short attention span where would your career be today?

KG: Oh, I’d be the world’s greatest! Muhammad Ali. Because if you don’t believe in determination then you’ll be exterminated. I don’t believe in extermination. I believe in determination, so whatever I had to do to make it, that’s what would’ve happened, yes Lord!

JJ: I believe that. Do you keep up with football?

KG: Nah, but life is a contact sport and sometimes things can get a little critical and it might have to get physical, so I don’t mind coming across that line to get what I want.

JJ: Makes sense to me! Perfect place to take it random; what’s the first thing that pops into your head when approaching a yellow traffic light?

KG: Hit the gas!

JJ: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

KG: When things aren’t clean around me. I’m big on cleanliness. I’m a big ole god out here and cleanliness is the closest thing to godliness.

JJ: What competition-based reality show would you absolutely win?

KG: Well, like I said, I’m great at everything, but I don’t watch much TV. My life is like a movie, I just don’t do any acting.

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JJ: What fast food restaurant has the best fries?

KG: I can’t really say, but I do know that when I go shopping in those designer stores sometimes they have frites. I like the way the European French fries taste.

JJ: The best pizza you’ve ever had in your life was from where?

KG: Me. The ones I make for myself are amazing. I like a thin crust veggie pizza well done. I like the crust to crunch like crackers.

JJ: Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?

KG: Well, I already have the power to read minds, so I guess I’d say invisible. Then again, I have the power to be invisible too because you can’t even see me right now. People only see me when I allow it.

JJ: That’s deep Kev.

KG: Yes, Lord!

JJ: How would you use a rewind button in life?

KG: I wouldn’t because good decision making comes from having made bad decisions. Everything I’ve been through in my life, whether it be fortunate or unfortunate I still get the wealth of experience. Make sure you’re writing this down!

JJ: Word for word!

KG: Yes, Lord!

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

JJ: Let’s hop into the DeLorean Time Machine (“Back to the Future”), which era would you like to drop in on for a week?

KG: I don’t live in reverse, I live in the present because there’s no such thing as a do-over. It probably took me to make these 10 mistakes to get my 11th blessing.

JJ: What’s the most overused slang word or phrase out right now?

KG: I don’t really know because I don’t pay attention to what other people do. But as far as slang and colloquialism I make up my own. I’m like Trey Valentino, I’m bigger than Nino, all black el Camino, I’m kickin’ that lingo. Rest in peace Bankroll Fresh.

JJ: Yes indeed. Can you tell me some lingo that you made up today?

KG: I can’t really give you that because then they’d be on it. See I talk stick, so the charges don’t stick. I’m like a hoodie, I would go ahead, but I’m going over your head. I’m a big thermostat out here, I’m controlling the temperature.

JJ: That you are!

KG: Yes, Lord.

JJ: What movie would you love to see another installment for?

KG: Well, I love mafia/gangster movies. I’d like to see one for “A Bronx Tale.” I’d like to see how it all played out after Sonny. I loved that movie because it wasn’t extra gangster. When you’re a gangster and a gentleman, you don’t have to be a gangster… Unless you have to be a gangster.

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JJ: What random fact can you just tell me right now?

KG: Just that everything has its place in the world, even randomness.

JJ: Well said, let’s talk about the new album “I’m Him.” Talk about what fans can expect on this project.

KG: It’s a motion picture, and you can expect me to give me myself in its entirety. Me is all I have to offer, I’m Him. The same stuff we’re talking about right now, is the same stuff I’m talking about on the album. If you listen real good you might learn something because I speak from experience. I’m a big skeptic, I want to see things for myself. I want to grab life by the horns like a big ole Dodge Ram, but I’m still built Ford tough.

JJ: Are there features on the album?

KG: No features. I don’t like to bother anybody. People are so busy being famous and I don’t like to bother them. It’s just gonna be me and all of my split personalities.

JJ: Well, you’re enough for us.

KG: Thank you for having me on. You know what I liked about this interview… It wasn’t boring, it was fly. I hate interviews that are so redundant, so this was cool. Thanks again Jay.

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