Crossover from rising sophomore makes 2 defenders crash into each other

Photo: Darryl Webb/Special for the Republic

Some crossovers break ankles.

This one from a rising sophomore in Virginia might have broken noses.

A tricky inbounds play in which Staunton River (Moneta, Virginia) girls basketball player Jeni Levine, who was guarded tightly, ran toward the inbound passer before stopping and bolting back up court led to the inbounder tossing the ball over her head like a go route.

The ball appeared to bounce off Levine’s arm or shoulder and went between two defenders.

Levine quickly swiped the ball from her right side to her left hand.

The defenders, running straight at each other but only having eyes for the ball, couldn’t react quickly enough when Levine snagged it back.

Collision. The two defenders fell to the floor and Levine raced up court.

She made a nice pass to a teammate in the paint on the two-on-one fastbreak, who put home the layup.

We hope the two girls who collided aren’t injured. It looks like they’re getting up fine as the video ends. But with the play making rounds on social media, including getting picked up by ESPNW, any lasting physical pain would just add insult to being shown in this light.

Now, let’s just keep watching Levine. She has three years left of breaking ankles, and any other body part that gets in her way.

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