Dora the exploiter? Missouri high school hoops team uses triplets to swap free throw shooters

The Luna triplets are accused of swapping places at the free throw line for Dora High School (Photo: Springfield News-Leader video screenshot) Photo: Springfield News-Leader video screenshot

Dora the exploiter? Missouri high school hoops team uses triplets to swap free throw shooters

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Dora the exploiter? Missouri high school hoops team uses triplets to swap free throw shooters


Parents of the Licking High School boys basketball team are not happy with controversial videos making their way around social media.

The videos, posted to Twitter and Facebook, apparently show Dora High School swapping free throw shooters during a close game at Saturday’s Cabool Boys Holiday Tournament championship.

Why wasn’t this caught by the referees during the game? Perhaps because the players swapping at the line were two of the three triplets playing for Dora during the game.

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Josh Murray — a parent of a player on the Licking team — told the News-Leader no one noticed while the game was being played. But when the video from the game was watched afterward, they noticed the swapping.

Video apparently shows No. 34 Auston Luna for Dora being fouled in the corner. When he goes to the free throw line, he’s met by one of his triplet brothers — either Mason Luna or Bryson Luna. Auston Luna then goes to the sideline to talk to his coach — who is apparently his father and Dora High School principal, Rick Luna — while his brother stays at the free throw line.

The News-Leader has been unsuccessful in attempts to reach Rick Luna or anyone at Dora High School.

Murray shared two videos of the incident but was told a referee in the crowd said it could have happened at least four different times during the close match-up. Murray also said parents from teams Dora has played throughout the season have said the team pulled the same stunt during their games.

Dora went on to win the game 64-62.

Murray said he thought the maneuver was cheating and there should be some blame on both the coach and the referees.

“The ref should have caught it,” Murray said. “But I also think the coach planned it out and the boys knew what was going on too. It’s upsetting the integrity of the sport.”

Murray said he sent the video of the incident to MSHSAA and numerous media outlets but had yet to hear back.

MSHSAA spokesperson Jason West told the News-Leader that MSHSAA started receiving complaints about the situation on Tuesday and they are investigating.

“We’ve reached out to the administration to discuss it further,” West said. “As far as the game itself, there’s not a lot that can be done since the game is over. In situations like this, it’s more just a discussion and education of the officials and things like that.”

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