Chosen 25 C Evan Mobley stuns with one-handed euro step drive

Photo: Gregory Payan/AP

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Evan Mobley has some freakish talent.

The Chosen 25 Rancho Christian center, viewed by many as the potential No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, has skill that allows him to expand his game to the outside even while being a dominant force in.

But this move he displayed Saturday may take the cake.

Mobley caught the in-bounds pass outside the arc on the left-hand side. He jabbed to his right, took one dribble to his left, and then palmed the ball before euro-stepping. As Mobley held the ball and penetrated to the hoop, he raised the ball well above anyone else’s reach. He did so with his offhand.

And no, before the internet tries to argue, that wasn’t a travel. His left foot didn’t touch the ground right before he went up for the dunk.

To emphasize how insane this play was, look how much ground Mobley covered. It took one dribble to get from the 3-point line to the rim, and he did it while palming the ball with his left hand.

Mobley was participating in the Hoops by Ugland fall high school showcase. He was named the player of the game in a win over Anaheim Canyon.

The center attends Rancho Christian (Temecula, California), where he helped the team go 26-6 last year with his older brother, Evan Mobley.

With Evan’s graduation, the younger Mobley will take on even more of a role on the team. Listed at 6-foot-11, 205 pounds, Mobley was named to the ALL-USA First Team California last season as a junior.

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