Fire in SoCal high school's equipment shed burns up all jerseys, footballs, tackling sleds

Photo: Claire Rafford/The Arizona Republic

An Anaheim high school is facing a mad scramble to get prepared for preseason football training after its equipment shed burned down roughly a month before the start of the season.

As reported by Los Angeles CW affiliate KTLA, Anaheim (Calif.) Magnolia High School’s football program lost nearly all its training gear when a fire of unknown origins tore through the school’s equipment shed. The blaze burned through the program’s entire stock of jerseys, footballs and tackling sleds.

While those factors won’t lead to a canceled season, they do put Magnolia at a significant disadvantage when preseason training opens.

“That’s all our stuff — all our hard work, everything — and the season’s a month away,” Magnolia head coach Desmond Hernandez told KTLA.

“We will utilize anything that is donated to us, whether it’s sleds, whether it’s bags, whether it’s even (scrimmage jerseys). We will not say no to anything.”

As Hernandez turns his attention to lightning fundraising, authorities investigating the fire said they have made no determinations about its source.

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