An 11-year-old made artwork for Giannis Antetokounmpo, is brought to tears by his reaction

Photo: Sergio Estrada/USA TODAY Sports

At an autograph session for Most Valuable Player candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, an 11-year-old handed her favorite basketball player a folder.

She told him she has been working on the artwork in there for a long time and wanted him to have it.

Lily, the 11-year-old, worked for more than a year and a half on art projects of the Milwaukee Bucks star, the bio line of the YouTube video reads.

Antetokounmpo looked thrilled as he accepted the folder and went to give her a hug. He skimmed through the folder while standing with her, looking at the art.

“This is amazing,” he said. “You did all this?”

The 24-year-old showed genuine excitement in receiving the art, reducing Lily to tears.

Antetokounmpo may be one of the superstars of the league, but he often doesn’t receive the type of attention given to stars in larger markets. In fact, this Ringer article says the team often only has three local media reporters.

That doesn’t matter to the Milwaukee faithful — and, in particular, Lily, who waited six hours in line to meet Antetokounmpo, according to WMTV.

That wait was clearly worth it.

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