Transfer rules, instant replay: Tennessee HS coaches offer rule changes

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Transfer rules, instant replay: Tennessee HS coaches offer rule changes


Transfer rules, instant replay: Tennessee HS coaches offer rule changes


If you could change one Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association football rule, what would it be?

High school football coaches attending the Tennessee Football Coaches Association’s recruiting fair were asked that question this week.

The biggest response? The transfer rule.

But that’s not all coaches want changed.

Tony Brunetti, Pearl-Cohn

“I think sometimes kids may get in a bad situation and struggle at the first high school they go to.

“Give them a one-time transfer rule where they can do that (and not sit out). Other states do that. They will give you one transfer. I think if you do that you will get rid of a lot of headaches and red tape of kids trying to do that illegally.”

Jason Dobbs, Moore County

“The transfer rule. I think there is too much shopping of kids at the high school level these days. Parents aren’t happy with where they are at and they move across town. And because they have a change of residence, they are eligible to play.

“I think you aren’t teaching kids the right thing. You are teaching them not to work for what you want, just go where the situation may be better or easier.”

Justin Geisinger, Pope John Paul II

“With all of the teams using Hudl sideline (video), I’d like to see replay or ability to challenge (a play). Whether it’s the home team that provides the referee an iPad for review, I think that could be a cool thing. Obviously, it’s trickling its way down from the pros. Having some type of system to have a challenge or replay for our officials would set us apart.”

Chuck Gentry, Lebanon

“I would move the dead period to the first two weeks when school is out instead of it breaking up the summer for football.”

Kit Hartsfield, Blackman

“The number one rule that I would change is probably that the knees have to be covered. The way football pants are made, the officials struggle to define what is properly worn pants during a game. So then a player is sent out of the game when their knees aren’t covered, but that is how the pants are custom made.”

Derek Hunt, Maryville

“They added a rule where you can work with three kids a day in the offseason. I think it’s more of a baseball or basketball rule. Basketball guys, you are only playing five at a time.

“I think that hurts football if you work with three kids a day and you have over 100 kids in your program if you are a big school. I think it would be better if football could work with seven guys. If you are going to do that rule at all you have to change it because of the numbers.”

Thomas McDaniel, Christian Brothers

“The transfer eligibility parameters with different locations, whether it be private school or public school or open zone or city systems. I think there are too many variables in eligibility right now.

“We have the (30-mile) circle around us (that is our zone). I just find it hard to believe that a kid living in Mississippi, and he’s never played in a TSSAA sport that he can’t transfer to Christian Brothers and be eligible. Yet kids move all over the city. I think some systems have to look at zoning. Are the kids really playing where they are supposed to be playing? And your open enrollment schools. Everyone wants to complain about the private school, but look at your open enrollment, that’s where it’s an advantage.”


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Transfer rules, instant replay: Tennessee HS coaches offer rule changes

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