How confidence can help your performance in sports

Photo: William Bretzger/The News Journal

Sports at any level is a game of confidence. When you have it, your skills shine. When confidence sinks, you don’t perform up to your capabilities. Athletes need to work on certain skill sets and mindsets so they don’t fall into that trap of low confidence.

Always start with positive self-talk! Positive self-talk enhances confidence through the use of success driven statements about performance. Tell yourself that your training today is going to be awesome, and succeed in your goals. Remind yourself of the physical and mental skills you possess that make you a unique athlete and which provide a base of confidence no matter how you are performing any given day.

So you need to understand that loosing focus and dwelling on mistakes won’t help you, it will cause you to loose trust, as well as focus, and you start self-doubting yourself.

Athletes need to understand just how well you can perform when you have a high confidence mindset, a belief in your abilities and a positive mindset.

By mentally rehearsing successful plays prior to competition, it will only reinforce success and confidence. Rehearse positive scenarios that can occur during a competition, game or tournament.

Imagine yourself performing your best and believe that you can execute!

Confidence + Trust = Success!

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