#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 10

#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 10


#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 10


It may sound strange, but often in these top plays of the weeks, the highly-ranked prospects aren’t part of it. That’s simply because there are so many players at so many schools, all of whom are capable of performing incredible plays on any given night.

On this given night, though, quite a few players heading to Div. 1 colleges made the #HSSTop10.

A South Carolina commit hurdle here, a Tennessee-bound punt return there, and of course, a whole bunch of broken tackles all around the nation.

Take a look and vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.

10. Roll over

If you don’t go down, you better keep running. RJ Smith knew he didn’t touch the ground, and the referees did too. Touchdown.

9. Classic Zachary Evans

If you haven’t learned yet… it’s hard to take down Chosen 25 running back Zach Evans.

8. Throw from a future Clemson QB

St. John Bosco might not have won, but perhaps the most impressive play of the night was the way DJ Uiagalelei escaped from pressure and fired a dart to Kris Hutson.

7. Sometimes, horizontal works

We know. Run laterally. Gain the yards upfield. But… what if you can run sideline-to-sideline and still get the touchdown? Anyone want to count just how many yards Cairo Payne actually ran?

6. Risk it for the biscuit

The Ensworth coach had to have been pulling his hair out when Tennessee commit Keshawn Lawrence decided to field the punt despite being surrounded by defenders. He scored anyway.

5. Hurdle

MarShawn Lloyd, a four-star running back and future South Carolina player, showed his agility with huge air time on a hurdle, his strength by bowling another defender, and his speed by outracing everyone else.

4. Sticking your neck out

Jent Joseph needed more than one hand, but he maybe didn’t need two. The way he corralled the touchdown pass with his neck was truly insane.

3. That defensive effort

It would be easy to let the ball handler go all the way to the end zone. It would be easy that, after you miss the first tackle, to slow down in exhaustion. It’s much harder to have the wherewithal to not only keep up, but to force the fumble. Major props to Ryan Miner for doing so and forcing the touchback.

2. Keep the chains moving

That estimation of eight missed tackles for Jay’Veon Sunday might somehow be underselling the run.

1. How many broken tackles?

It looked like Taevion Cunningham might manage to pick up a couple yards and get the ball off the goal line. Boy, did he get it off the goal line. Several missed tackles later, he somehow escaped unscathed and scampered home. But don’t stop watching too soon — around the 0:15 mark, makes two more guys fall down.


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