#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 13

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#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 13


#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 13


With playoffs in full swing, a lot of these #HSSTop10 have become situational.

Sure, broken tackles are nice, but are you doing it late in the game to set up a game-winning score? A big tackle is fun, but does it save the season?

We’ve compiled a host of big-moment plays to go with the usual insane catches and impressive interceptions.

Take a look, and remember to vote at the bottom for which high school football play you think is best of the week.

10. Leaping pick

Your reads and throws have to be money when Kourt Williams is in the area. If you misjudge by even a smidge, this can happen:

9. Eyes on the prize

Just your weekly reminder: When the ball is in the air, keep going for it. You never know when it’ll wind up in your hands, like Barrett Skrobecki here.

8. Goal-line stand

A two-point conversion in overtime separated Chaminade from going home or advancing. JP Reilly did an outstanding job penetrating and preventing Justin Flowe from getting to the end zone.

7. Pinball

With under 20 seconds left in the game and just a field goal away from advancing, the important thing is to hang on to the football and gain a few yards. The ball carrier, who appears to be sophomore Lucas Tuski, did it perfectly as he pinballed up the field.

6. Getting tricky

If you haven’t scored a touchdown, a trick play might come in handy. This double-pass in the third quarter helped Stevenson (Sterling Heights, Michigan) win a 9-7 game.

5. Defense wins games

Passing play. Red zone. Playoff game on the line. Luke Johnson made a diving interception to win it for Northwest Christian (Phoenix).

4. Taking it literally

People throw around the phrase “carrying the team on his back” pretty liberally, but the Apex ball carrier, senior Justin Reed, figuratively carried his team on his back on this fourth down while literally carrying the defenders.

3. Full extension

Ricky Kane had to use every inch of his reach to nab this ball out of the air.

2. Awkward reach

Ryan Stucky maneuvered himself around defenders, leapt, and somehow came down with the awkward one-handed grab.

1. Grab and spin

Trevor Tustin impressed not just in making the catch, but having the wherewithal to immediately hit ‘B’ and make the elusive spin before slipping another tackle and taking it home.


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