#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 14

#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 14


#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 14


With upsets and exciting postseason moments, the top high school football plays of the week make you wish you could be at every game.

Hopefully, these can help give you a taste of football around the league.

With Thanksgiving approaching, here are the #HSSTop10 football plays of Week 14.

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10. Take the hit

Looking into the eye of an incoming blitzer, knowing you’re about to be tackled, and still making an on-the-money throw is difficult. You wouldn’t tell by watching Joshua Hardy.

9. Yoink

This wasn’t just an impressive catch with elite reaction time. Judging by the way the defender reached out, Alex Rosano might have stopped a big defensive play, too.

8. One-handed grab

This crazy one-handed grab over a defender appears to be Izaiah Matheny of  Lake County in Tiptonville, Tennessee. He helped the team improve to 14-0 on the season and get to the Final Four.

7. Between two defenders

In the championship game, Mason Falslev was a force in the receiving and running game, but this interception may have been his top play in the championship performance.

6. Tank

If you have a guy on your team who goes by Tank, you probably want to get him the ball as often as possible. Even if it takes a trick play like this. Looks like Cartavious “Tank” Bigsby can drag defenders. Great play design and execution.

5. Can’t give up

Here’s the weekly reminder to never give up on blown coverage or a ball that seems out of reach. Sometimes, all it takes is effort and a friendly bounce to corral it, which Trust Wells — another player with a great name — did.

4. Stay UP

This hit hurt us just watching it. No idea how Jaylan Knighton stayed on his feet.

3. Off-balance throw, leaping grab

Heaving it across your body on the move is generally frowned upon. Sometimes, it’s all you can do. Kristian Story made a miraculous throw that somehow got through a defender’s fingertips and ended up in the leaping hands of Seidrion Langston.

2. Control it

Slow-mo replays are great, but at full speed at this angle, you can really take stock of just how fast the game moves and how difficult a catch this must have been for Devonta Smith.

1. The conversion

Rockwall and No. 9 Allen had gone back and forth all game, with explosive offense and little defense. Rockwall knew if it could get one stop, it could win. With 1:23 left, this trick play gave the Yellow Jackets the one-point lead and game-winning score over the national power.


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