#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 4

#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 4


#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 4


A lonely denizen of elite high school football, field goal kickers are the underrated, overlooked, oft neglected game changers in high school football. On Friday, two of them delivered kicks from as far as anyone in college football has hit all year (Brandon Dalton of Nevada, for those of you who are wondering).

Add in your weekly running back hurdle, a few nifty catches and a heck of a return, and you’ve got another prime edition of the #HSSTop10 plays of the week.

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10. California DB has elite hands and wheels

It’s good for a defensive back to have agile hands, both for swatting passes away and pulling them down for the occasional interception. It’s also goof for them to have blazing speed. Ruben Silva, of Monte Vista (Calif.) High School, apparently has both:

9. Euclid trick play

What’s better than a trick play? A fourth down trick play that results in a virtual game-clinching touchdown. That’s what Euclid (Ohio) pulled off on the goal line.

8. Jordan Berrios wanted it more

Sometimes one player just wants it more. There haven’t been many players who have wanted a big play touchdown more than West Haven (Conn.) defensive back Jordan Berrios wanted this interception and touchdown.

7. Texas QB too tough to bring down

This should have been a sack of Austin (Texas) High School quarterback Charles Wright. It wasn’t because Wright kept the play alive and then found his man under duress right at the goal line.

6. The hurdle of the week belongs to …

Owen Delhomme, who flexed an impressive mid-run leap for Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

5. Up, up and away

Latrell Fordham elevated for this impressive grab for Davison High School in Michigan.

4. Michael Redding III is an acrobat in training

It would be hard to come to any other conclusion after watching Redding go horizontal for this grab for his No. 7 IMG squad against No. 11 St. Joseph Prep.

3. Football or volleyball?

What’s more fun that a traditional touchdown catch on a bomb? A touchdown catch on a bomb that got an extra, volleyball set-style lift from a teammate, as John Johnson of Dodge City, Kansas could prove.

2. A new Connecticut record

Noe Ruelas has a monster leg, and he proved he was the best place kicker in Connecticut high school history by connecting on a 56-yarder for Hall High School.

1. Anything you can do, St. Ignatius will do it better

Well, perhaps not better, but St. Ignatious (Ohio) also benefitted from a 56-yard kick, from placekicker Declan Mangan. The big differentiator between Mangan and Ruelas is that Mangan also hit from 53 yards not long earlier.


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