#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 6

Photo: Detroit Free Press

You know the phrase defense wins games.

In this week’s list of top high school plays, three of the best six come on that side of the ball.

In the following videos, you’ll see some remarkable interceptions and a tackle in the backfield that blew up the play so quickly the announcer didn’t even have time to finish saying “handoff” before it was over.

Of course, there’s a still the usual array of crazy catches and broken tackles.

Take a look, and vote at the bottom for your favorite.

10. Going horizontal can work

Sometimes, a 60-yard touchdown isn’t just 60 yards. Two-sport star Jalen Suggs reversed back across the field before going down for the touchdown.

9. Reverse handoff

Couple neat things here. Branden Baxter’s ability to take the contact from the lineman after receiving the handoff and still making an accurate throw is impressive. Then, the catch itself by Jax Cooper was mighty fine as well.

8. Awkward angle

Great job by Koby Bretz going up, snagging the ball at the awkward angle, and still holding on through contact.

7. Keep your ankles safe

Look at No. 82 try to stop Caleb Williams. Then watch No. 27 try as well. Spoiler alert: Neither could.

6. Stuffed in the backfield

“It just sounds different … I didn’t have to even know who it was, I heard it.”

That’s some great broadcasting to describe Chosen 25 linebacker Justin Flowe.

5. You gotta send another one

Fast forward to the halfway point of this video to watch in slow-mo. Even with it, we’re not totally sure how Jayson Johnson came down with it. Even when there are two defenders on him, you gotta send another one.

4. See it, snag it

Great awareness by Kenneth Shaffner to see and snag the ball as it bounced off the would-be receiver on the ground.

3. Dane Key touchdown

There’s something about those off-balanced catches, ones in which the receiver has to reach with his entire body, the back at an angle and using one hand to grab it, that really speaks to us. Scoring a touchdown on the play is a nice addition, too.

2. Tip pick

There was good pressure on the quarterback and then an outstanding pick on this play. Great job by the Douglas County (Douglasville, Georgia) defense as a whole for another interception that needed the tip drill.

1. ‘Just catch it!’

We honestly don’t have anything to say about this play. Just watch.

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