#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays in Week 9

Photo: Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports

This week, we saw some one-handed interceptions, some one-handed receptions, some receptions that bounced off people, some interceptions that bounced off people, and a tackle that sent the ball carrier airborne.

Instead of taking too long with an intro, we’ll get right to one of the one-handed catches.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite play at the bottom.

10. Pull one arm, don’t matter

It looked like one of Lamont Pulliam’s arms was being held down by a defender. Good thing for him, he only needs one to catch a pass and score a touchdown.

9. Interception to ice it

Crespi hasn’t had any success in league play the last four years, going a combined 0-21 through 2015. But with this interception by JJ Thurman (you’ll get two angles of it below), the team started 2019 conference play 1-0.

8. Escape the pressure

Is that Russell Wilson out there? Trevian Tribble had an outstanding night, and this play may have been his best.

7. You got his back

Jaedyn Gipson is on the freshman team, but he’s already making spectacular plays. With this one, he wrapped around a defender, bobbled the ball, and  managed to corral it and score.

6. Homecoming victory

Picture this: You’re losing with a minute left. Homecoming night is going to be ruined if you can’t score — and this defender hits the ball out of your hands. What do you do? Well, Martin Baker caught it anyway, and Jacob Kuhn put on an excellent block to help him score and win the game.

5. He flew

You know it’s a good hit when your target goes airborne. Jonas Sanker used the hit stick for this one.

4. Bullet

Which was better, this bullet of a pass from Jake Retzlaff or the reception by Branden Alvarez with a defender draped all over him? We can agree they’re both nice.

3. Use your legs

We love a good catch made with a body part that isn’t your hands. Touchdown Claude Mattison.

2. Caught over three defenders

Before we get to the throw and catch, shoutout to No. 55 Andre Grigsby for picking up that blitzer. Alright, now we can get to the throw, which was a good one, and the catch by Konner Blount, which was astounding.

1. Raise it up

Have you ever been pushed into the pool and you’re holding a popsicle or a phone or a drink or anything that you need to keep dry, and you manage to keep that arm out of the water?

That’s basically what Dee Lewis did, only it was with a football. He palmed it, didn’t need to bring it down to his body, just held it up proudly from the ground. It’s dry. No need to worry. Interception.

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