#HSSTop10: Top high school football plays this week

Photo: Paul Robertson

With so many games taking place around the country, you don’t have to venture far to find a high school football play that wows you.

Here are 10 plays that rank among the best in the week, from a devastating tackle to crazy catches and a flea-flicker.

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10. Defense taking advantage

The defender was in the right position to take advantage of an offensive miscue. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Bosco Tech (Rosemead, California) linebacker Jesus Lujan intercepted a pass that looks like it bounced off the would-be receiver and took it home with ease.

9. The juking and the blocking

There are two things we like in this play. First, obviously, is Jeremiah Piper stopping on dime and juking his defender to the ground.

Now watch again and pay attention to some attention to the blocking. Around the three second mark a defender gets laid out in the middle of the field, and as the camera pans, you can see another blocking refuse to let his man get the release.

Great stuff going on here.

8. AB likes what he saw

This #HSSTop10 section is new, but let’s establish our first rule: Any catch that grabs the attention of NFL superstar Antonio Brown earns an automatic bid.

7. He won’t sit down

When you make the catch with your back toward two defenders and the end zone, you’re probably not going much further.

How Roosevelt (Eastvale, California) High School’s Jaden Smith got through for a touchdown is the type of mystery that might intrigue entertainer Jaden Smith. It’s certainly an impressive feat.

6. Juked his own shoe off

What’s that saying about juking a defender out of his cleats?

On Friday, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) wide receiver Rome Odunze juked his own shoe off. He didn’t even need it, getting by his man, and then others, to gain extra yards.

5. The 95-yard kickoff return

Running into the middle of a group of a half-dozen football players is a bold choice if you’re trying to score a touchdown.

It paid off for David Niebauer of Greencastle-Antrim (Pennsylvania) High School, who ran the kickoff 95 yards to the house.

4. The toughest nine-yard touchdown you’ll see

If there were some cartoon sound-effects to be edited into this video, we’d love to hear Quali Conley hitting the R1 button to skate by two defenders and then WHAMing into two others on his way to the end zone.

He stayed on his feet throughout.

3. Field goal for the win

Sometimes, a field goal is simply kicking the ball between the uprights.

Other times, it’s the difference between overtime and going home with the win. On Friday, Hoover (Alabama) upset No. 13 Central (Phenix City, Alabama) with the game-winning field goal by Constantine Hontzas.

2. Flea-flicker

One of the most exciting plays in football, Dutch Fork pulled off a flea-flicker in which the running back flipped the ball to a receiver, who tossed it back to quarterback Ty Olenchuk, who heaved it.

Elijah Spencer, covered about 45 yards down play, went up to make the nice catch and take it to the end zone.

The game ended in a 27-27 tie when the remainder was cancelled due to bad weather.

1. Justin Flowe goes WWE

You didn’t think we’d get through this list without a tackle, did you? Chosen 25 linebacker Justin Flowe showed off his superhuman ability on this take down that looked like something that might be found in the WWE.

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