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Mark Williams is one of the top centers in the country and dominated all summer with Boo Williams (Va.) in the Nike EYBL. In the most competitive tournament of the summer, the Nike Peach Jam, Williams average 23 points, 12.5 rebounds, two assists and 2.5 blocks a game. That production gave him his pick of the litter with top colleges, and he opted to suit up at Duke. Williams wrote an exclusive blog for USA Today Sports breaking down his decision.

What’s up world, it’s Mark Williams and I’m proud to say that I am committed to Duke University!


Well the quick answer is that I felt like Duke was home and I felt like it was the best place for me to grow as a person and as a player.

When I think back on it, the turning point when I knew that I was coming to Duke was on my official visit; watching them practice and watching their films that they showed me really sold me. I really bought in to The Brotherhood after I went and saw it for myself.

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That’s really how it is there. Duke is a family.

When I was there for my visit, the coaches showed me a lot of Wendell Carter Jr. film because they felt like they would use me in the same way. I could definitely see myself patterning my game after him because he was a guy that could do multiple things on the court.

That was really big for me to see.

Of course, all of Duke’s current recruits had been recruiting me really hard for a while!

They all did a great job, I have to say that because we’re already like brothers.

We’re all on a group chat already and we talk all the time.

Jalen Johnson is my roommate here at IMG and he was excited when I told him that I was coming.

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Coach K was so happy when I told him too! He was genuinely excited and that was cool because he’s a legend.

Our class Is really tough!

The goal, of course, is to win a national championship so we’re already talking about how we’re gonna get it done.

I know we’ll be young, but when you look at our class the question is: What don’t we have?

There’s a blend of everything and everyone is really talented. Most importantly, we already have chemistry off the court because we’re all brothers now.

One of my first calls will be to Hunter Dickinson now.

I know that we can play together, and I know that we can make each other better just going head-to-head in practice every day. They’re expecting Vernon (Carey) to go pro and Javin (DeLaurier) and Jack (White) are seniors so we’ll need big men. I think it would be a great opportunity for both of us to play together.

Whew! It feels so good to have this decision over with.

It’s a relief. It was fun to go through the process, but now that I’ve picked my school I can feel the weight of it off of my shoulders.

My parents are here in Florida anyway, so I think we’re gonna go out tonight to celebrate so I’m looking forward to that too.

OK guys I’ve gotta go but I wanted to do a blog for you guys just explaining my thought process about picking Duke.

Appreciate all the support!

Go Duke!

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