Mental Edge: Confidence and trust breeds success

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Mental Edge: Confidence and trust breeds success

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Mental Edge: Confidence and trust breeds success


To compete at the top level of your sport you need to have a strong belief in yourself and high confidence. Having confidence gives you an advantage over your competitor. Confident athletes play more relaxed, focused and have a high motivation with intensity and trust. All athletes want to play that way, yet sometimes your game is off. So you need to understand that loosing focus and dwelling on mistakes won’t help you, it will cause you to lose trust, as well as focus, and you start self-doubting yourself. Athletes need to understand just how well you can perform when you have a high confidence mindset, a belief in your abilities for a positive outcome.

Weather you’re an amateur or a professional in sports Trust plays a huge factor in your game. When it is time to compete, you want your athletes to stop practicing their technique. When all the training is complete, competition is the time to put it to the test! They need to commit to simplifying their performance so they can perform functionally instead of perfectly. Help them put practice behind them and let it flow.

A positive mindset and encouragement is the only way to be. If you start to have doubts or negative thoughts you then create an overthinking mindset. Trying too hard to be perfect with your performance will not help, you need to let it flow in competition. All athletes must simplify their performance. They need to use the nerves they feel as a positive and exciting mindset, they need to trust that they are ready. They need to avoid game time analysis and critiquing their skills or self-doubts. Remember! Play your sport at the the highest level! Because you love what you do!


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