Mental Edge: How to trust in your skills and not tinker

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Mental Edge: How to trust in your skills and not tinker

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Mental Edge: How to trust in your skills and not tinker


How often do you tinker with your technique or mechanics during the week? Working on your mechanics is a good thing, right? After all, if you find that perfect technique, you will never play poorly again, right?

Having sound mechanics is necessary in order to perform consistently. … No one would argue that statement. But consistent performance requires some level of consistent mechanics and trust in your skills.

Too many athletes want to over analyze and tinker with their mechanics, even during competition. Over-analysis and constant tinkering with your technique are the enemies of confidence, trust and consistency. In competition, this is the time to let loose and rely on the work you have done so you can play freely. You can assess your performance when you get home, not when you are playing.

Tiger Woods has been plagued with injuries as well as surgeries and bad performances for several years. Over the years, Woods has switched swing coaches, reworked his technique and tinkered with his swing a lot in the pursuit of consistency. Recently, Woods is making a successful comeback finishing tied for second at the Valspar Championships and set for two more majors in 2019. Woods has attributed his resurgence to one word … TRUST!

WOODS: Sports can be over complicated — if you make it so. Don’t complicate matters by over-analyzing, over-thinking and searching for the perfect technique. If you want to play your best on a more consistent basis, trusting what you have on game day is a must!


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