Mental Edge: One strategy pros use to stay composed

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Mental Edge: One strategy pros use to stay composed

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Mental Edge: One strategy pros use to stay composed


Do you or your athletes perform well in high-pressure situations? When the heat is on, do you rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure?  What makes some athletes perform at a high level during the heat of competition? Peak performers have the knack of staying calm when the pressure mounts. Poise and composure allows champions to perform to their potential when a lot is at stake.

Where does this poise come from?

To some degree, poise is a part of an athlete’s personality. Some athletes are calm by nature while other athletes are high strung.

Even so, calm athletes can become rattled when the game is on the line and some high-strung athletes can keep their composure under tense circumstances. Either way, there is something greater at play than genetics that allows some athletes to stay poised and keep their composure when the going gets tough. Poise is a mental skill, one of which improves the more you work on it.

When you practice poise in pressure scenarios in training, you add to your poise.When you dedicate time to mental training exercises, your ability to stay poised increases. If you prepare your mind to compete, something many athletes overlook, you will outperform many athletes with similar physical skills.

Winning the game inside the mind is what keeps you poised and takes your game to the next level.


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