Ohio high school football team claims they were subjected to racist chants, Confederate flags in game

(Photo: USA TODAY)

A high school football team in Northeast Ohio has gone public to claim that its players were subjected to racist chants and opposing fans bearing Confederate flags at a recent game at a rival high school.

As reported by Cleveland Fox affiliate WJW, Beachwood (Ohio) High School students claim they were subjected to racist chants that included the use of the “n-word” and also Confederate flags during a game at Grand Valley High School (Orwell, Ohio).

Two members of the Beachwood cheer squad spoke to WJW and offered graphic descriptions of the racist abuse they suffered during the game.

“There was like a group of people saying, ‘White power on three, 1-2-3 white power,'” Natalia Dammiani, of the Beachwood cheer team, told WJW. “I was kinda scared to go to the bathroom alone.”

Added her teammate, Cimone Jackson: “They were purposely walking near our area, near the band holding up two to three confederate flags. We were shocked because like you’re saying that to kids.”

While the alleged behavior is abhorrent under any circumstances, one detail made it even more disturbing: According to witnesses interviewed by WJW, most of the racist comments and signs were used by adults, not Grand Valley students.

One adult fan was reportedly removed from the game and has since been banned from all future Grand Valley athletics events. Grand Valley Local Schools Superintendent Dr. William Nye, Jr. also told WJW that the district is investigating whether further charges could be brought against the man.

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