Owasso QB Cole Dugger voted Week 13 Top Star for performance vs. Norman

Photo: Matt Kartozian/USA TODAY Sports

Cole Dugger, as he has been all season, was instrumental in Owasso’s win over Norman on Nov. 15, throwing for 214 yards and four touchdowns.

For his performance, Dugger was voted the Week 13 Super 25 Top Star.

He finished with 34,109 votes, 45.37% of the final tally.

Dugger has led Owasso this year, throwing multiple touchdowns in every single game this year for the undefeated Rams. They play Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) Saturday in the semifinals.

FULL TALLY: Super 25 Top Star, Week 13

In second place for Super 25 voting was Aidan Longwell of Washington (Massillon, Ohio). The quarterback went 14-for-15 with 300 yards and five touchdowns in the playoff win.

Longwell finished just behind Dugger in the voting, recording 29,774 votes, 39.6% of the poll.

Mount St. Joseph (Baltimore) linebacker Brandon Fique finished in third place. His defensive efforts — in particular, the recovered fumble in the end zone — helped the Gaels prevail in a 17-10 game.

Fique had 6,589 votes in the poll, which was 8.76% of all voters.

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